Monday, January 10, 2011

Diamond Necklace

Luxury jewelers at the House of Graff, recently unveiled two of their latest collections, the Waterfall and Petal collections. Both collections feature a number of chandelier earrings and pendant necklaces.
The Waterfall collection pays tribute to one of nature’s most beautiful sights, a waterfall. With chandelier earrings dripping a cascade of gorgeous pear-shaped diamonds from an eight-petal flower in bloom at the base, this collection is definitely for the woman who wants all eyes on her. A matching pendant necklace is also a part of the Waterfall collection, and also features a large eight-petal flower with a “waterfall” of smaller diamonds dripping from it.

The Petal collection combines brilliant white diamonds with beautiful pink saphhires in both a necklace and set of earrings. The necklace is a pendant chain featuring four-petal flowers that come together to form a quaint quartet. Each of the petals in the flowers are made up of heart-shaped diamonds clustered around a beautiful pink sapphire. From the “bouquet” of flowers, a stream of white diamonds and pink sapphires dangle below. An equally beautiful and similarly styled set of earrings compliments the Petal collection’s pendant necklace very nicely. The Petal collection pieces are also available in a diamond and emerald arrangement, sure to make on-lookers green with envy.