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Deserts of South Africa was able to hide their wealth from time immemorial from the eyes of human beings.But something slowly began to crawl from this wealth between the sand.
Across the river, And under the sea. Here, it is about the magnificence of nature and its dangers, bet clique of divers everything to find the treasure promised.
Are the same blood in our veins all. If you want to put your head under water, and work like slaves, you are special creature. I liked the idea of what I heard from the potential between the rich overnight, but it seems that it is not so, though I got used to this lifestyle and I find it fun.
I think that the best job in the world.

For these men, the difficulty of working in these remote areas of the world, and the risks they are exposed, is the price you accept it for a chance to realize their dreams.
And access to prey brilliant: diamonds.
Waiting for a small group of boats scattered on the western shores of South Africa to improve weather to go to the sea.
For filmmakers Peter and Stefania for Amberti, offers men who dive in search of diamonds, a quick look on the side of the main elements of the mysterious heritage of their country.
It is said that diamond is a girl's best friend. Have heard a lot about diamonds, and I learned that South Africa has a lot of it. But what did I know, and I've realized only when divers began to search for diamonds, is that there is remove him from the sea.
I do not think many people even in South Africa know that the search for diamonds is in the sea as well. I think that this is an issue unique to South Africa. Except there are limited quantities of them in Australia. What I want to do is to portray the physical effort exerted in this work under water.
Diamond is one of the most beautiful gems and the most sense at all.
Spread the richest land, where there are diamonds in the world of South Africa.
Diamonds are today millions of years ago, under the deep layers of the earth where heat and intense pressure that turns coal to normal Shining Crystal.
After millions of years, the diamond cut from the earth through the waters of the Great Orange River.
Finally, taking snaps in the sea.

Buried under the gravel and sand where he hid for thousands of years.
During the search for diamonds you can find underwater caves and fissures and grooves.
If you look at the grooves deployed on these rocks you can see that it is not long beaches and white open. What they mean Bmistoabat filled with water.
Make the grooves the shores of the diving in search of diamonds profession most at risk on the face of the earth.
The sea itself is the bitterest enemies, and thick fog and high winds and storm waves, what keeps boats Search for diamonds in the ports for more than three hundred days a year.
Usually loves diver diamond skiing Wave, and are usually ill-dive atmosphere is very suitable for skiing.
I like skating with the wind, and I think it's the best sport, but is the queen of the sport. South winds hit western areas such as with speeds in some cases, between fifty and sixty knots.
For all workers in the sea, can be resolved climate news difference between life and death.
Within a few days in the month when the weather reports seem appropriate, and able men to go out to work, they face grave dangers under the water.
Rock and roll, including the seriousness of devices and procedures for serious diving.
Worst experience was when I passed by the killing of a colleague of mine at work. Had been working beside me on a huge rock, the Rock fell to him directly. I thought it was not bad, and that Sinfd rock him to be everything is fine. But suddenly he stopped breathing.
There are situations where the rocks were falling on people. Find yourself forced to cut the air line and return to the home. You can not raise the rock with him, because the weight may be up to ten or twenty tons.
I think everyone is afraid of the sea days, I do not wake up every day by the time of the sea. I am sometimes scared of the sea, this is not strange, but in the background of our thinking, there are concerns from some of the risks continuously.
Usually young men continue to come here driven by a romantic adventure, a dream collection of wealth easily, and masterpieces of nature that surrounds them.
Why sit in the office? And work from the eighth to fifth if we can get out of the pool and enjoy the beautiful underwater scenes, you can see everything in the sea.
These beaches are very brutal and ruthless to humans, is very rich for all marine organisms.
Gannets put their eggs in the neighboring islands, and feed on the rich currents that pass through the western shores of South Africa.
Camera Gannets in Bird Island is incredible, because it continues its work as if ignored completely, or if you is not here. Thus you can get closer to him while he continues his routine.
Too often Albengoin Also on this cold water.
This type of Albengoin is the only one who lives in South Africa. It lives on the Cape, where water is colder, which follows the thickness Albelhar that feeds it.

Roaming dolphins in shallow water, sometimes even approaching it from a diver diamond.
I think that dolphins are the best marine organisms deployed here. They are very close to us, so you can contact between them. If they stayed calm without inspiration or expiration, you can hear talking and raises the noise around you.
October solutions with the first of October of each year massing huge amounts of seals along the beaches in the breeding season.
It is also close to the divers under water, and tampering with the launch of the bubbles, and the review of special grace.
Usually easy to find in the filming of seals in the Cape because they are very curious and loves to play in nature. For this when it enters into the ocean just waiting to come to you on their own.
But where you find seals, sharks also find Mftersha.
Sharks in these waters means that the great white type.
I was working in very shallow water depth of four meters only, clear vision at a distance of thirty centimeters. Vtgayt blow from behind my head strongly very solid. And when I turned directly what I saw was the first face of the shark is facing Guenai. I felt very scared, it was a frightening shock. And if I put my fingers on the bar circuit.
With these frightening events, continue to diver diamond in his continuing, despite the angry shark and killer wasp water, the sea itself.
These period last phase of the diamond season, which began in South Africa, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-six.
In that year found children on a shiny stone on the sands of the Orange River to be seen later that the diamond rounds and twenty-one carat.
Found that after more than diamonds, grew villages nearby, and some have turned to real cities. And then vanished in the desert after a while, when he moved search for diamonds to new areas.
Solutions with the First World War found five million carats and more than two thousand pounds of diamonds in South Africa.
And after the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy, he moved away from the beach Find.
Launched a group of pioneers divers to convert the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to the mine by using small boats, pumps and air hoses.
Their primary in that period and even today, is the pump pulls the gravel and sand from the land of the sea.
The device was confusing and very dangerous so that the hands of divers and sometimes attached to their sleeves at the pumps ...
I Oaom solo underwater commented stone in the mouth of Khartoum, tried to maneuver to rid it and take it out from there to no avail, but the pump was so strong that it pulled my arm.
I am not afraid after that experience to return to search for diamonds, there are still a lot of diamonds.
Is to move large rocks and obstacles by using the raw power.
During the underwater photography has been able to see the harm suffered by marine animals through the process of pumping random. But what is the gravity of that? Vndjemp Searmthela, if made into a two star.
Any serious impact to the work of the pumps, divers here confirms that the marine life to recover quickly after going through this experience.
I admit that we disturb the food chain in this circuit, because it is exposed to a series of pump. But we renew our life in these areas also, I saw myself, as you can see the camera also that the lobster to take back the water that we were working out, due to re-activate the life there.
A short time ago, the boats are equipped with the necessary purification of extracted gravel from the bottom of the sea through a machine known as Jig.
Gravel, which ascend through the hoses to enter the machine and then be concentrated in the gravel like the container, and when the variability over heels, it becomes the bottom of the container top. Pile of diamonds in the center with other heavy stones.
Using Aljig, diver able to ascertain if the area is looking to contain a diamond or not.
Today, however, allows us to use Aljig. What broke the full effectiveness of the small boats in the search. As if our eyes are taken out of us. We have to go to specific places now, where we fill the boat with gravel, then go back to the port Nolot. Take what is in bags, to come after three or four days later, Vibulgonna including the bags actually contain.
Prevented the search mechanism on boats to prevent the continued infiltration of the diamond grains into the pockets of divers.
Despite his tireless efforts and threats to it, does not have a diamond diver who found it.
Contract with the dive boats specialized companies such as De Beer of the South Afrika.
When you return divers recognize what they have diamonds in exchange for a percentage or fee agreed upon.
But some can not resist the temptation to swallow some pieces of rough diamonds are found.
It is a concentrated form of money. You can swallow one million Rand, for example, but it is impossible to be able to swallow millions of millions, you will need to to a handbag, and you can not hide away. This is what drives everyone to smuggling.
The work of Trevor Bali client coverage in the Port Nolloth for a year.
Also expelled a lot of divers, but after finishing his work in Police returned again.
I was fond of splendor diamond that comes out of Port Nolloth and way of life that left him in a police Nolloth to work full-time diving in search of diamonds.
For all divers are dealing here with the whole thing, hoping to find the treasure.
Can treasure to buy a new house and new car and boats and pay off all loans where the diver spends years in the profession and the years beyond.
There are moments where you feel you are a millionaire, because the husband returned from the sea to go out after the treasure, a piece of four hundred carat diamond, it becomes all a wonderful thing. Bnaspp celebrate and evaluate the parties gets the members of the entire crew with his wives on the rewards.
Some divers are more fortunate than others, or perhaps they were more skilled than others.
John Retief, found Kinsin within fifteen days.
On the first day we found on the ninety carats. Then we learned that we in the rich. It was luck and abundant over the next three days. After one week of bad weather, we went back to the sea again became the total we have compiled two thousand and two hundred carats.
Acting in one of these funds before they even get it. Just think of all that can be bought and all I could do. It is a nice feeling. Indeed, work hard, do not doubt that he deserves.
Although not everyone will find a treasure here, but everyone thought he would find him one day.
I have never found a treasure like talking about people a thousand carats. You see them from afar, and I envy them and wish to be their place, do not take any longing because I find such a wealth is no doubt that I will do so sooner or later.
Until then, continue to dive, when the climate and the sea was allowed to do so.
Few who can work for five or six hours at sea, when the temperature reaches forty-five Fahrenheit measurement does not exceed a few inches of vision, under harsh working conditions.
For the diver and filmmaker Peter Amberti of these seas was one of the hardest working relationship at all.
I think that portraying the diver diamond business from the most severe, especially since the sea was difficult to portray. First, the temperature does not exceed seven degrees. Second, the vision was almost non-existent, and now I am really cold. I remember after filming for half an hour forced out of the water.
Some vessels carry on board the new rooms to treat the symptoms of pressure marine.
Usually exaggerates the Epiphany here limits allowed in each dive. Explores the deeper and stay longer .. Until he finds himself forced to deal with pressure.
It's a problem serious, the diver in two minutes to get rid of all the tools and the entry of the treatment room.
What to enter it even lower level of pressure and pure oxygen to pay ..
Thus, nitrogen comes out slowly from the blood vessels, without a doubt.
Diver stays in this room for about an hour, without doing nothing but seeing the team take its place following a dream of diamonds.
Perhaps these dreams started to fade, after twenty years of work of the divers on the seabed of the liquidation of the diamond began to these gems disappear from there.
Over the first four years brought a lot of money at the expense of the diamond. But I began to see that this industry are disappearing. If we collect four or five carats in time, it means that the place is not suitable, and if we raised the flag means that we have found the treasure, and that there is more than a thousand carats, then take a quantitative land. But today, if they've got two hundred carats in themselves and pride in young people think the flag-raising.
Some divers began to abandon the profession to open restaurants and farms of marine diversity.
I found some small towns on the western shores of South Africa such as years of the start of diving in search of diamonds. There arose as a result of tourism, fishing, abundant, which is characterized by the region. When diving in search of diamonds is not profitable, and leave the divers away, these cities will remain here.
One day will dive in search of diamonds to only the final as we know.
The diamond will never finished.
Sechtbi between the sand away from the reach covered by deep water and the passage of time, wait there.
There is no doubt that future generations of adventurers will find appropriate ways to search for it again.

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